26 October 2020

HyVolution 2021, at the heartbeat of hydrogen sector development and at the service of economic growth

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Hydrogen is a trending subject in European and French news. Industry, heavy transport, research: the government strategy with its budget of more than seven billion euros over ten years, announced on 8th September this year, will facilitate large-scale hydrogen development in the aim of making certain activities more “sustainable”.   

Hydrogen is a strategic opportunity for faster and more massive decarbonization of sectors and activities, especially when decarbonization is a tall order, as in industry and transport

stresses ecological transition minister Barbara Pompili.

The sector’s stakeholders are therefore swinging into action with renewed zeal to accelerate the roll-out of solutions and completion of projects.

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HyVolution, a unique event at the service of a strategic industry undergoing rapid expansion

To accompany the hydrogen sector’s momentum and address the needs of various stakeholders, Hyvolution, the gathering dedicated to hydrogen for energy, industry, and transportation, becomes a yearly event and will be presenting a new edition on 10th and 11th February, 2021 at Paris’s Parc Floral centre.
By bringing together all the community’s stakeholders on a yearly rather than two-yearly basis, HyVolution helps accelerate this impetus, a movement that began with its first three editions. Organized in association with France Hydrogen (AFHYPAC), the national body that unites France’s hydrogen sector stakeholders, HyVolution will be presenting the latest news and innovations from the sector as well as concrete solutions developed today in France and throughout Europe.   


An exhibition at the service of a burgeoning market

Substantial resources, a range of mechanisms, and a major information campaign have taken shape over these last few weeks with one main purpose: to help boost the existing dynamics so that industrial scale development is reached with a multiplicity of projects. Over 160 projects have already been identified following the project submission appeal launched in April, 2020, pointing to great vitality in the sector.
Recent market developments, stakeholders’ growing demands, and the striking acceleration in the sector over recent years have encouraged HyVolution’s joint organizers to move up a size. The hydrogen event for energy, industry, and transportation now covers all the application areas and the whole of the hydrogen value chain.


A 2021 edition with European outreach and designed to boost connections

With less than 5 months to go to opening, HyVolution is already gathering pace and big market stakeholders have confirmed their attendance.

A genuine European dimension has also been implemented with a reinforced offering in this direction and a desire to mobilize more visitors from the rest of Europe.
This opening up to new visitor profiles promises to attract an even more qualified and relevant community at this go-to gathering in the sector.    
The edition will also place more emphasis on digital solutions, with a Web platform and the “HyVolution Connect” mobile app enabling the whole hydrogen community to make many more contacts and new relations: networking, business meetings at the event itself or by video contact.

HyVolution, all the solutions for all the carbon-free hydrogen markets

With so many companies and brands expected, including the main leaders, project initiators can meet up with businesses and industrial companies offering products, services, and concrete applications for gas production, storage, and monetization, gas technologies, and gas services: technical, engineering, finance, insurance.

All business sectors concerned:

  • Transportation: car, bicycle, bus, train, lorry, ship, barge, special transport
  • Energy: power2gas, renewable production, buildings, storage, off-grid locations
  • Industry: chemicals, metallurgy, glass, petrochemicals, etc.

Some local and institutional authorities will also be presenting feedback and accounts of their experience and explaining their policies and actions in favour of hydrogen development in their districts and regions. A large, active representation that will help promote regional stakeholders and their initiatives.


Just some of those already registered:

Non-exclusive list at 15/10/2020

AFHYPAC, the French hydrogen and fuel cell association under its new name of “France Hydrogen”, will be back this year at HyVolution, the go-to event for cultivating relations between hydrogen sector stakeholders in France as well as Europe. One of France Hydrogen’s objectives in teaming up actively in the development of HyVolution is to structure the industrial branch of the hydrogen sector in deploying large scale projects.

An enlarged programme accessible to all

Stakeholders are feeling an ever greater need to get together and trade ideas on a friendly platform.  HyVolution therefore offers a programme favouring information and exchanges.     

Open access to the HyVolution TV stage, organized jointly with France Hydrogen (AFHYPAC), ADEME, and Hydrogen Europe, will notably open up high-level content to an ever-growing audience and enable more exchanges between speakers and participants, thus much more interaction.
Besides the HyVolution TV stage, exhibitor workshops (presentation of solutions, feedback, accounts of experience) will be also be on the agenda. Last but not least, content and tools will be available in digital form for those professionals who cannot make the trip.

Key facts and figures from HyVolution 2020

  • 120 companies and brands—25% from abroad
  • 2,161 participants, 2.5 times the 2018 number
  • 15% of participants from abroad representing 34 countries 
  • 490 business appointments made and kept
  • over 50 speakers from France and abroad
  • 25 interactive sessions run by our exhibitors and partners
  • 22 broadcasts on the HyVolution TV stage

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